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About us

Norfolk & Good Signature Gourmet produces a line of cooking products perfect for family barbeques and relaxing dinners at home or the cottage. Whether it’s jazzing up a simple green salad, complimenting some fine cheeses or taking it ‘over the edge’ with some amazing BBQ ribs, the Signature Gourmet lines will do just that.

Made from the freshest natural ingredients Canada has to offer, turn any meal or even snack, into a gourmet feast. The possibilities are endless!

A new company as of 2016 Norfolk & Good president a CEO, John O’Brien has been involved with the camping industry for well over 25 years. Beginning his career in the U.K., John eventually immigrated to Canada to continue his work in Resort Management and Sales. Here John learned the lifestyle of the camper and cottage owner and recognized that the industry had evolved to include people who normally wouldn’t have considered camping at all. People who like cooking as much as he did. With this new influx of campers and cottagers, combined with his passion for good food, John and his wife Naomi began to develop the Norfolk & Good brand and create the existing of products.

It’s a dream that quickly came true. In matter of a few months, Norfolk & Good products went from the development and recipe stage to becoming available on the shelves in many locations.

The response to the products has been incredible!

We are now creating new products on a daily basis and the lines will continue to get larger.

We welcome you to Norfolk & Good and please keep visiting the site as new products will be released at a moments notice! Our recipe section is going to grow as well, as we will be pleased to hear about what you do with the products to take your next meal to another level!

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